Password reset page is LOGGING IN the user? Also, new password not working?

Hello Bubblers!

I am trying to build a reset password flow and having a couple strange things happen.

First, I am sending the reset password email and I get the link and it is sending me to the reset password page.

That is all good! Hurray!

However, when I reset the password it seems to log me IN to the app.

This is unexpected.

Expectation is to then have to sign in normally.

Whatever… work aroundable. But then things get more strange.

I log out and then try the new password that was entered and it doesnt work!

Seriously confused…

Not seeing this in the forums anywhere but maybe didnt dig hard enough.

Any ideas?

Extra EXTRA weird…

I used some shenanigans to assign a temporary password to the user which it did successfully but even the temporary password is not working…

Can you share the workflow actions’ screens?

Sure can do! Pretty standard stuff…

Above is the primary workflow for the password reset page

The “only when” was recommended in another forum post but isn’t changing the way the page is working.

Trying the password on the sign in page sends the “invalid login credentials error”.

Note also that this workflow is somehow loggin the user into the account at the same time.

No idea how.

Changing the “set state” as second set to a navigation step as recommended on other forum posts had the same effect… user is logged in on the other page as well.

Step 1 above

Step 2 above

Above is the flow that is setting the temporary password for the user.

I will go into the backend and “Run as” the user I want

Step 1 sets the new password for the Current User

Step 2 sets that password as a custom state that I display on the page so I can copy and paste it into the sign up form

(third step simply reveals the form again so value showing the screen shot.

I then log the user out

I then enter the users email and the new password into the sign up form and I get an “invalid login credentials” error.

The only thing I can think of that it might be is something to do with the forking from development since I am in an agency account?

…except the fork name in the URL is checking out…

…so yeah. Confused.

Thanks for taking a look!!

I’ll be honest, I’m confused…

What does the Action in Step 2 do here? :point_down:

[quote=“brian16, post:4, topic:190732”]

Why do you need to assign a temp password to a user who has just changed the pass?
Also is pass change for the Logged in User or for someone who forgot their Pass?

A) That second step changes the state of the password reset page to reveal a confirmation message and link to the sign in page…

Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 9.18.43 PM

B) I assigned a temporary password to the user to test whether the login screen was working at all.

Here were the debugging steps from a higher level…

  1. test the reset password page a bunch. no luck for basic normal set up.

  2. Added “if user is logged in display their email” .

This showed that after resetting the password the user was logged in.

  1. Went to the sign up page, added same “if user is logged in display their email” debug.

That showed the user logged in still on the sign in page

  1. Added log out button to sign in page. Logged user out. Text installed above worked as you would expect for a user being logged out

  2. Used the password that was created on the reset password page and tried logging in.

Invalid credentials

  1. Built “give current user new password” flow.

  2. Logged user in from backend and went to the sign in page and saw the “is the user logged in” text indicating the user was logged int

  3. executed the assign temp password workflow and generated a password successfully

  4. Logged the user out

  5. Tried logging the user in with the assigned password.

Invalid credentials

There are two separate unexpected bugs for me…

  1. why is the user being logged in from the reset password workflow?

  2. why is the login flow not working even though the “Assign password” seems to be working perfectly fine.

Hey Brian I’m down to do a call. What timezone are you in?

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Good morning!

Thanks a lot for the offer would love the help :slight_smile:

I am in Toronto, Ontario, Canada so Eastern North America.

So New York time.

I am looking around for the private DM everywhere and it is not obvious…