New Student/Teacher App!

I have been working on an app that allows for teachers to ask students questions! For example give students a do now and the student gets it on their phone, answers on their phone submit it and gets a grade back! All on one platform. Thus, was created! I have worked for so long and hard on it I would love if people could test it out, use it and give me some feedback! If you have ideas on how to improve it, fix it or anything else please coment below!

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Hi @stolzj19

Congrats on working to this point and sharing! It’s always a big accomplishment and hurdle to have others view your work.

First, nice work doing all the work in mobile view!

A few notes from looking at the login screen:

  1. The mobile view looks to be fixed size and didn’t expand to take up to use my full screen size (iphone 8plus)

  2. The sign up flow is clear and can easily move through the process of signing in if you already have an account.

  3. When signing up, I did not enter my email in the second field and I was not allowed to sign up, but I wasn’t not told why I couldn’t sign up.

  4. Showing the 3 options at the bottom of the sign up page that aren’t usable before login are a bit distracting. It may be useful to hide these nav options until after signing in.

Some notes after signing in

  1. After sign in there is no clear call to action. I’m not quite sure what to do.

2.The navigation is not clear to me. Selecting the user icon shows admin and one name, but I have no context to what they are or why they are displayed. I don’t know who Lisa Heres is yet. Selecting Admin shows “history” and it is blank and without a call to action.

  1. Selecting the search option shows the same two options as the user view, but I am not able to select either option, nor can I enter any search term. If I could search, I wouldn’t know what to search.

  2. The last nav options prompts me to delete my teachers, which show the same two options from the other nav. There is a call to action to delete, but that seems counterintuitive to creating engagement. If I select my answers, this screen is blank and there isn’t a call to action.

Some suggestions to move forward:

  1. On paper, identify the ideal user flow from login to successful first action where the user would find value with your application. Then map out the screens and actions that correspond to the user flow to achieve success.

  2. Make sure every screen has a very clear call to action so the user knows what information is being shown and what they can and should do.

  3. Keep going, building apps is an iterative process that is never perfect on the first try. It’s all about getting feedback and iterating.

Good luck and please let me know if you have any more questions.


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