Trying to create a table to display/edit user data

I am new to bubble and I am trying to create a online gradebook for teachers. I have hit a stumbling point over trying to create a table to display students grades on assignments and to allow teachers to edit those grades. Similar to the table in the image below.

I have tried embedding a horizontal repeating group into a vertical repeating group, with the users data in the vertical and the assignment in the horizontal but I can’t both sets of data into the intersecting cell so I can find the piece of data that is for that assignment and that user.

I am also worried that if the list of assignments or students get too long I will run into a scrolling problem, where the table doesn’t stay together properly.

Any thoughts on how to create this would be great. Thank you.!


That’s definitely quite a project to take on as an early Bubble app! Congrats!

There are a variety of ways you could go about it. If you want to share a bit more about your data structure or PM a link to your editor, I’d be happy to share some thoughts based on that.

Similar in concept, I built a few visualization tools that did interactive organizational diversity reporting (effectively a pivot table report based on user defined categories, all within Bubble), with the ability to click through into “deeper dive” on specific points.

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