Prevent Submenu Collapse on Subpage Navigation

Hey Bubble community!

I’m working on a multipage app, and I’ve set up my left navigation using a repeating group for Parent Pages, each containing a second repeating group for the subpages. I’ve successfully implemented a collapsible navigation so that the submenus toggle when I click on the parent menu.

However, I’m facing an issue. When I navigate to one of my subpages, the submenu collapses, and I want to prevent that. I want the submenu to stay open even when I’m on a subpage.

Has anyone tackled a similar challenge before? Any guidance or alternative solutions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for your help!

What is your condition for the submenu to be open? If you change subpages, the submenu should stay open when you have no changes to your condition.

I´m using the toggle function to open the submenu.

You can set a condition to not toggle the submenu when you navigate to a subpage

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Cool. Can you help me write the condition?
Should I make it in the workflow on the " When Subpags is clicked" or on the repeating element.

This is how my conditions are now for hoovering or pressing:

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