Auction/bidding system for payment


I’ve already created my app, but I need a technical help please. How can I technically implement an auction/bidding system please ?

I’m using stripe as a payment provider.

Many thanks

I believe Stripe doesn’t allow bidding fee auctions but it is listed under gambling so I guess if you’re app isn’t gambling related, you should be fine.

Off the top of my head, you could just probably create bid object when a user bids on a product

After a period of time or when the bidding period ends, you could then charge the user who has the highest bid using stripe

Thanks for the quick reply.

No problem with the gambling, it is not.

Do you know how to create the bid object and the “timer” ?

Just create a bid data type in your Bubble DB with all the necessary fields such as bid amount etc

The timer could be on an auction data type such as an end date field

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