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Autobinding on Parameters

Dear bubble forums,

I am working on a project management app in which relevant data will be easily visible in an overview on an app. I have a question regarding the possibilities to add auto-binding to a parameter URL data result.

As you see below I have made a repeating group where some data is stored and collected in a overview for the user

when you click on the ‘‘Details’’ button it will bring you to another page in where ALL the data will be visible. I didn’t wanted to do this in a pop up element as on a page you have more freedom to use floathing groups & more which I need

When you click the details button, the data from repeating group will be transferred to another page via parameters where the data will be shown in a summarized overview

what I am now trying to do is add an auto-binding function to the data result which is transferred to this page via parameter url, only I am not able to manage to get this auto-binding to work.
I think the problem is that the parameter is not connected to a parent or data source, but is there a way to transfer the data source to another page as well? Maybe I am wrong

Is there anyone who could help me answer my question or has a workaround?
I am quite new to bubble still

Please find the share link to the app below;

Thank you very much in advance
best regards,

Hi Rogier,

What I would do is have the page URL something like this[unique id of record]. Your workflow to get there would be when current cell is click ‘navigate to page’ then enter the additional parameters, key as record and value as ‘current cell’s unique ID’

Then set the data source from the URL, so it finds that data base record.

You can then autobind any field that you have privacy rules for on that data type (or relational data type)

Hey Equibodyapp,

Thanks a lot for your explanation. I am still a bit new to Bubble to trying to get my head around all the terms and possibilities.

Could you please briefly explain me how to change the URL so I can change this to ?record= ?
Bit embarrassing question: but what is the ‘‘record’’ in this case? Is that the repeating group’s current cell?

Thanks a lot in advance!

You can probably achieve what you want without using parameters:

  1. Set the type of data of the project details page to project(or the datatype you use for that):


  1. Use the step Navigate - Goto Page in the workflow of the Details-button.


  1. Settings for step Navigate - Goto Page

Destination = Project Details page
Data to send = Parent group’s project (or Current cell’s project):


  1. For the dynamic data for the fields on the project details page you can use "Current Page project’s… (select a field name)

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Thanks a lot ! It worked :slight_smile:

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