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@ZeroqodeSupport Hello. I am excited to use your Autocomplete plugin. However, I am STRUGGLING with getting it to work. I have installed the plugin, pasted the API keys, and placed and configured the elements. Just a brick. No response.

Any suggestions or better documentation? Thanks.

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Hi @hansell,

Thanks for reaching out. Sure, if this plugin refers to Google Places Autocomplete, you can check its documentation here with all necessary installation steps. Please note the IMPORTANT ones, especially for Input ID, which has to be inserted strictly as otherwise it will not work. Also, you can check the editor of our demo here to preview all plugin settings and see how it works.

Please make sure the plugin is configured properly, first. But, if you experience same or other issues, share more details like:

  • the exact steps to reproduce
  • what exactly you are trying to accomplish
  • screenshots and/or screencast of the workflow and your app, when issue is triggered
  • screenshots and/or screencast of design elements and plugin settings, also plugin configuration
  • browser and OS you are using, also console logs - in case of errors

So we better understand what issue might be and get back to you with a solution asap.

Best regards,
Zeroqode Team

My gut tells me it has something to do with the Input ID. I looked at your Demo as a reference, and I do not understand how yours works. Here’s what I mean…

Your Autocomplete element references “searchInput”…

However, your Input element has ID “Search Address” …

Can you please explain how this works when they don’t appear to be matching?


Hi @hansell,

This is not an ID, it is just a simple placeholder text with default value as ‘Search Address’ which you can change it to whatever text you’d like to make it look nice.

So, the Input ID for the GoogleAutocomplete element is located within element’s window settings here:

Which has to be inserted as ID Attribute value for the search input element here:

Please do check documentation for this plugin, too. If you have more questions, let us know.

Thank you.

@ZeroqodeSupport This worked! I had the ID pointing in the wrong direction.

Last question for now… I have constrained the results to “destination”. I would like to constrain it further to restaurants, bars and cafes. Is this possible?

Hi @hansell, we are glad it is working by now.

It is only possible to restrict the search by country, countries or location. It can be set in the plugin element’s window, here:

You can click to show documentation for each field to get more information if you will. Also, pay attention to available Place Type, which you can change from the dropdown.
However, it is not possible to restrict the search results to restaurants, bars and cafes specifically. But, when you get the search results, it is possible to display for example the restaurant name only, by extracting the 's Place Name, as a workaround:


Here is an example:

So, based on the whole search address result, the Place Name extracts the name only, but the Full Address separates it’s actual address.

Hope it helps.

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Thanks! :pray:

Thanks for you help!!! I don’t think the plugin solves exactly what I need (restrictions at the place type level) but should work for MVP purposes.

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