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📍 Fastest Google Places Autocomplete - New Plugin from Zeroqode

This is a client side version of Google Places Autocomplete service because it runs in the client’s browser instead of Bubble server and also for that reason it retrieve’s user’s accurate location (not Bubble server’s)
This plugin returns the following data based on user search:

  1. Name
  2. Full Address
  3. Short Address
  4. Icon
  5. Latitude
  6. Longitude

For details, screenshots and demos please visit the plugin page: at

Link to documentation:

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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Hi @levon thanks for this great plugin! Quick question…are you able to have two inputs on the same page and have autocomplete work for both of them? Having trouble doing that.

@levon, it always works for one of the inputs but never for the second, third, fourth, etc. I have a page where I have a mobile search box and a regular desktop search box that is in two separate inputs so would love to have it work for all of them on the same page.


Hi Jonathan,
we’ll try to fix this, but it would take a bit time, I’ll post here once it’s done, thanks


@levon Hi Levon, to add to this, I have a page in my app where I have a custom HTML google map with a circle on the map, which bubble doesn’t support yet, and I have the places autocomplete plugin on that same page. Page is below:

I’m noticing that sometimes when you click on the search box and start typing stuff the places autocomplete suggestions bow below the input doesn’t appear sometimes, i.e. inconsistent behavior. This does not really happen on pages without a custom HTML map. Wondering if two instances of a google API maps key or something like that puts them in conflict with one another. Thanks for taking a look into this when you have a chance.

we have pushed an update:

  1. Added ability to set location (latitude and longitude) and set the radius ( in metres ) to search.
  2. Support of multiply inputs, insert id of each input separated by a comma.

yes, there might be some conflict

Hi @levon thanks so much for pushing up update, and yes I think in the second case there’s a conflict and I reached out to Bubble support and will let you know what they say.

In regards to the multiple inputs, I am attempting to get it to work but it doesn’t seem to be working well unfortunately. I made sure my inputs were named correctly and I put a space in between the comma separating the inputs and no space as well and it doesn’t seem to be coming through.

Thanks for your attentiveness to this issue. Let me know if you need any more information and would be glad to provide.

Hi @levon, a little more clarification. I found out that the autocomplete doesn’t work if one input is on the page and then the other is in a popup. I also noticed that if an input is hidden on page load and then it becomes shown later on the autocompete won’t work unless both inputs are loaded on page load. These aren’t enormous dealbreakers but would be nice to have that flexibility.


hi Jonathan, we’ll try to fix this, thanks!

No problem, thanks so much for the help!

Ok, so the solution here is to add the plugin instance into the popup itself, then it should work. With hidden elements, you could make the inputs visible by default and hide them on page load. hope this helps

Hi @levon great thanks!

I also wanted to write you a quick note on that conflict with your plugin not working with a custom HTML map on the page. I reached out to bubble support and they told me if anyone adds the additional bolded text into their custom HTML code to initialize the map, then your search box should work with the map:


Interestingly enough though, I’m noticing that the plugin is working around 90% of the time when doing a search, but failing to show predictions sometimes. I have a video of what I’m talking about, so if you want me to send it to you I can, but I think it would need to be done over email because I can’t upload videos here.

HI Jonathan, yes please show the email, you can use to share a link to the video, or link to download the video

Hi @levon sure will do, also please see the following url which bubble support pointed me to that describes this issue:

Hi @levon here is the link to the video:

Thanks again for all of the assistance I really appreciate it.

We have upgrade the plugin with some fixes, but we also recommend to change the “when input value is changed” workflows to run on some other events, for example button click etc. Because that makes your app slow and may also affect the stability of the plugin in some cases.
hope this helps

Hi @levon thanks so much! Just wondering, what does the new action “Make Input Place Autocomplete” do exactly? Is it some kind of backup to make sure the predictions come up? Thanks again!

Don’t pay attention to it, Jonathan, it’s an obsolete function and we removed it. Thanks

Ok thanks for all the help!