Automatic writing (copywriting) saas - Possible with Bubble?


I want to build a saas similar to or It’s a saas which based on answers of several questions, returns a ready headline, or sales letter or email script.

Basically, user must answer a question or a set of questions:

Q: What’s your webshop name?
A: My bla bla shop

And app returns a headline for example:
Experience an ultimate shopping experience with “My bla bla shop”. Shop now!

Or something that way hahaa. I know how this should work, but don’t know coding at all. :joy:

Do you think this can be done with Bubble? Has anyone tried before?
Thank you!

In a real simple app you could have a table with let’s call them slogans and then you can pick them out of the table at random or via keywords etc then replace in the string with input using &name& etc etc as macros. You can have tables also for nouns and verbs or what ever but you have to run lots to make sure the resulting combinations make sense so initially keep it simple. Good luck!

Super easy, have a feature similar using scraping and a text spinner with quite a few custom rules built in to maintain quality. Not perfect like any text spinner that those type of tools use but gets the job done.