Need help building SaaS for authors

Hey everyone new here, I want to make something like This with added features of speech to text and text to speech and also add something like grammerly. We have our own community of writers so I am making it for them and add extra features based on what the users want. Is that doable on bubble ? If yes how do I do it? @Bubble @vivienne
Any and all help is welcomed completely new to this.

I don’t see why not. Bubble has several Rich text editors for the writing pad, and there are at least a couple of text to speech and one speech to text plugin as well (uses AWS and Google APIs). Exploring how these all work should be a good starting point.

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There was another user the other day he said that you can’t build a word processor on bubble you would have to code it.

I have not attempted this so maybe he knows something I don’t but I don’t think you are creating a “word processor”. As I understand, you simply want a text editor for your users (bubble has a few) and you want ability to access Google or AWS speech recognition and Text to speech APIs which is also possible as you can see from the fact that there are a few plugins already that do this. Then it is a matter of organizing workflows to see how they fit together.

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