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Automatically increment a field daily in the DB?


Say I have a field called ‘Cost_MTD’ of type number or currency.

I would like it to automatically update on a daily basis by adding a daily cost (say of $0.50), further more I would like to be able to do a search and sum all the costs for all those records searched.

what is is the best way of achieving this?


For scheduled events I think Zapier is worth looking at, because it provides all the “front end” stuff for creating schedules and logging events.

To trigger an API workflow to do these updates is fairly simple in Zapier.

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thanks for your input. I’ve had a look at Zapier and I don’t see how it can help me…

in more detail this is what I want to achieve…

I want to be able to set up a schedule task (eg; monthly) to go through each record in a Box (thing), and if they are “in use” to trigger a Stripe charge.

I am finding it hard to replicate something that is achieved in a typical loop, such as a; ‘for’ loop, ‘do while’ loop etc…

With a ‘for’ loop I could iterate through each record in the Box (thing) and process a charge based on the individual details against each Box record. Boxes could be use by different users at any one time.