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B2b order taking platform with customised menu

Wanted to build a web app platform to take orders from multiple b2b parties in which I can customize the menu for each party and the end result can be in the form of the dashboard in which the platform can give me the total quantity ordered in a single day ordering .

Please help.

Hey there,

Thanks for the post! This can definitely be done on Bubble and there are probably quite a few ways to do it. Happy to give a rough overview though and would recommend one of our crash courses or bootcamps to dig into some of the nitty gritty on how to make it happen.

The best way I’ve found to build a multi-tenant style app like this would be to have a ‘Client’ or ‘Party’ data type. That way, you can assign user’s to one of those records to tell what company they’re associated with (Client field on User data type). You can also use those records to dictate which products should be available to who (potentially Client field on product data type OR list of Clients field on product data type, or join table that models the relationship between one client and one product). From there, you could have an orders data type that stores the product, quantity and client and your dashboard could summarize the sum of the orders sold to provide the quantity you’re looking for.

Obviously, this is a 10k ft view of how you might go about this, but hopefully it provides some direction for how you might tackle it. I’d highly recommend checking out our academy, browsing the forum and considering a bootcamp if you’d like to dig into this further.

And of course, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly at [email protected] with any additional questions.

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