Separate B2B app instances - New DB for each client

I’m very new to Bubble and before investing a lot of time I would like to understand how the overall solution works.
If I build a B2B solution would be possible to create a new instance of the app for each new customer? New DB, customizable look and feel, etc but still have a maintainable product with the same core code. Is Bubble appropriate for business to business?

Checkout the Data Layer plugin to connect with Firebase. Maybe firebase supports this.

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You can certainly do this with “Sub apps” functionality.

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Yes…I feel like that is the answer to the questions people ask about “is it possible in bubble”

Bubble is very robust and can do a lot of different things, so in terms of appropriate for B2B…up to you to create the software or app so that businesses will want to use it.

In terms of your real question of different instances. Bubble has different tiers of paid plans, one of which is a dedicated server ( around $1000 / month paid quarterly ) that allows you to create and host as many apps / sites as your capacity allows for…so for each business you get a contract with, you could produce a stand alone app for them…if not on a dedicated server you could do this as well, but you should think about costs/profits/scaling if that is really the way you must proceed.

What you can also do is have one app, where each user has the ability to customize the look and feel, by using a set of pre-determined or if you spend the time “mind mapping” the concept, they could choose their own colors etc. I’ve created an app where users can select from a list of pre-set color schemes and then everything changes…also if you go further on this, you could do a completely different look…all of this takes me ages as design is my biggest foe, however if you are a design wiz, it might not take so much time as not really making it worth it.

With separate apps, you can connect them via API, so if you wanted a main app that an Admin for your company is able to see things in, or to allow businesses to get industry wide analytics you can do it.

You can build one app and copy it in seconds.


Thanks for the quick response guys. It feels like its possible but not ideal, so the trade off would be the cost of development vs hosting costs if I’m lucky enough to sell this solution to multiple companies.

Not really, as bubble does cost a bit more, but not much…its like .03/GB vs 0.023/GB with bubble a bit more expensive.

when not build it, try to get the business drummed up, then if needed to have it re-built outside of bubble, you then already could have a proof of concept


Yes, the question is really does each customer HAVE to have a new DB ?

The look and feel (icons, colours, names) is pretty customisable, as is having a URL per customer.

If you actually NEED a whole new app each time … then it won’t be super easy so you need to understand their requirements there.

Pushing the data of to external databases is possible, but you end up in the same situation with multiple back end databases to manage.

You can keep the data entirely separate with privacy rules. Which is how most people do b2b.


The solution is a mobile app for debt collection so its crucial that each company have their own DB with their customers in arrears. As far as look and feel you are right I would make it configurable but under the same core code.

Nigel was correct to point out privacy rules

The privacy rules are basically conditional statements that say something like “if the current user is the manager of company x and this data entry is attached to company x then this user can view the data”…so you lock out others from seeing or accessing data however you like.

Also very useful for “permissions” within one organization…For example a manager can see it and delete it but an employee can not.

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