B2C SaaS solution built with Bubble - Accounts, users and permissions?

Dear Bubble Team,

I’m really impressed with what I’ve seen on Bubble so far, certainly a great tool for a non-tech person like me!

I’m thinking of creating a B2C SaaS platform with a potentially large audience. In order to assess whether I could use Bubble to build it, I would need to validate a few important points.

Using Bubble’s “Production Plan”, would I be able to:

  • sign up thousands to tens of thousands of “ACCOUNTS” onboard;
  • register tens to hundreds of “USERS” under each single account;
  • set permissioning in a way that “USERS A” registered under “ACCOUNT A” would only have access to the data (PDF documents, accounts, contact details…) pertaining to “ACCOUNT A”, “USERS B” only to the data saved under “ACCOUNT B” and so on;
  • within a given “ACCOUNT”, assign various permissioning levels (read, write, delete; read only…) to different types of “USERS” depending on their role with the “ACCOUNT” ?

I appreciate that some of my questions might involve acquiring additional server capacity or file storage and this wouldn’t necessarily be an issue as such but I would need to feel 100% confident that I could actually build what I would need to build using Bubble before I start using any of your professional plans.

Many thanks in advance.



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I am struggling with that too, anyone can answer this… :thinking: