Backend Workflow Mandatory Parameters Not Requested

Hi Everyone.

We’ve noticed this bug multiple times across our app already where mandatory backend workflow parameters are not requested when triggered / scheduled in the frontend.

Here are some related topics:

Decided to create another thread since the first topic above is now unlisted and the second topic is a different issue - posting for visibility since this issue is under the radar.

I’ve been talking to Bubble support for over a week already and at first they mentioned that this bug was probably caused by a regression. But since it is only a possibility, I requested them to double check with the engineers since this is a fatal bug for us and we just can’t rely on a possibility.

They reached out back to us after a couple of days and confirmed that this bug is unrelated to a regression.

They can’t investigate enough since they can’t replicate it (I’ve tried triggering our flows multiple times but I still can’t replicate it as well)

If you guys are experiencing this, please reach out to Bubble support so they can have more cases like these to investigate.

@boston85719 have you heard back from bubble by any chance or perhaps solved this issue?

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From February 29

Thank you for your patience. I have flagged this directly to our engineering team to continue this investigation. I apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused you.

I shall be sure to keep you updated on any progress and let you know if this has been resolved. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to me for any other questions.

I appreciate your continued patience and understanding as we work through this together for a resolution.

From March 1

Thanks for letting me know and sending over additional context. I have relayed it to the engineering team. I understand the urgency and want to assure you that we are looking into this to provide an efficient resolution as soon as we can.

I have not heard back since March 1st. Hopefully I hear of a fix soon. I was told by the support agent they are working through a big backlog of bug reports, so not sure how long it will actually take.

I just had to send an email today on March 8th to inquire about the status of the Bug Report I submitted on February 21…last I had heard from support was on March 1st thanking me for the additional context I sent on February 29.

Fingers crossed it is actively being investigated and has not just been sitting on the back burner the past 8-9 days since it was escalated to engineering.

@ntabs have you heard anything from support on your reports?

Thanks for sharing updates on your end @boston85719

Support reached out to me yesterday as well and they asked for steps on how to replicate our issue (Parameters not requested)

They also mentioned that they have already escalated it to the engineers.

I just emailed them the steps on how to reproduce the issue where the parameters were not being requested.

Will update this thread when I hear back from them

Still nothing. I see that nobody from Bubble has run a test on the app since February 29, 2024 when it was flagged for engineering to look into the bug and put in a fix.

As this has now been past 3 weeks since I reported I attempted to build the backend workflow from scratch but that unfortunately didn’t help as the same User data type parameter is not getting requested and thus the entire feature fails.

Does anybody know who at Bubble is in charge of support and getting bugs resolved? I’d like to reach out directly as it doesn’t seem like anything is moving at all and this feature is needed for a Live application.

Same, no updates on my end.

Does this bug still persist on your app @boston85719 ?

I’ve since uncovered that the logs are just severely lacking in functionality for us to debug and resolve issues on our own.

In my case the mandatory parameter of User is not shown as requested via the logs, and it turns out that is because the User was not found in the workflow action that ran a make changes to thing.

The logs do not specify that the user was not found and do not show in the schedule backend workflow that the parameter is empty or just shows blank, and apparently somebody thought it be a good idea for the logs to just not show the parameter if it is empty, even though it is mandatory.

Would love to see some improvements to the logs so that we can debug and resolve on our own.

I just asked support for a follow up after not receiving any updates for more than a week.

They said that the engineers are still reviewing it since it is a tricky behavior for their teams to investigate quickly due to the lack of consistent reproduction.