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Badge notification on app icon


Is there a way to notify user through home icon like most the app (fb, twitter etc)?


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I don’t think it’s possible at the moment because Bubble doesn’t work as a native app yet (like a normal app published on the App Store).
I think a way to publish native Bubble apps is in early beta stage but I don’t know when it’s going to become public.

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Thanks Matteoaquila! this explains a lot.
bubble is amazingly resourceful, adding native notification will make it just perfect and keep competitors away.

Looking forward to it!

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In the interim are you sending updates via email notification and/or text as a way to notify about updates/changes?

Yes, email is the most common notification for my apps among Twillio sms or simply trigger alerts upon user login.
Still, push notification remains the best way. Can’t wait to find it in my plugin list!