QR Code Inventory Management System

Hi all,

I’m new to Bubble, so I’m not sure of it’s capabilities - I’m trying to figure out if I can set up an inventory management system for a client’s products, before I start building out the entire project. Project details/required capabilities are below:

  • When a new product is created, a QR Code/Barcode must automatically be generated for it as well
  • They need to use an external device (phone, barcode scanner, etc.) to change the inventory count upon scanning as simply as possible. Speed and simplicity are their objectives here.

They’re not tied to any one method, so I’m open to any & all suggested solutions, as long as it creates a unique code for each product that can be scanned on an external device to increase/decrease the inventory count.

No need for any e-commerce integration, this is mainly just to track inventory, among a few other functionalities.

Thanks in advance, everyone - any advice will be hugely appreciated as a Bubble newbie!

For the scanning part, I would suggest this solution: