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Beginner questions

I need to build a rental platform that’s similar to Airbnb.
How can I allow people to list their things on the platform and how can people sarch them?
I’ve been trying to figure it out but I don’t succeed.

thanks in advance!!

Use the tutorial’s lesson as guide - I think the app must have a login/signup process, then a page to create the “place”, with a text input that you can type the name and the location and save it. Then build a search page with a search input for location (geographical address), with a repeating group thats displays search results.

But when I search in the AutoComplete Dropdown box, I have to select an existing item… I would like to be able to just enter keywords in this search box, and that search results would show in the repeating group below the search box.
So far I can only select and display 1 search result…

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I think you can do this: use a repeating group, so you can display a list of results, and fill the “search for” from the user input in the search box, to the “contains” constraint.