Best database structure for this (simple) app

Dear all,

I am unable to figure out how I should save the data that is input by a user, in order to reach my app objectives.

  • User answers questions by providing numbers
  • Numbers are used to calculate a score using fixed factors
  • Score is compared to other fixed scores, but not to other users’ scores
  • Data can be saved for current user, shared and accessed again later

I am really stuck at the moment. I have made above very simple light version of my app just to try and figure out how to achieve this.

It feels that my lack of understanding is still profound, at a very basic level.

  • I don’t understand how I can create types of things, and “link” these to the creating user.
  • I don’t understand how I can best create a simple sortable array of x and y values, in which most values are default, but 1 is specific to the current user.

If I have a field within “diets” that is “your score”, how can I link a given score to a given user? How can I prevent a user from creating more than one score?
If I save the data in things of the type User, I am unable to use the “Do a search” function to retrieve data in the fields (as it will always search for users).

I’m willing to pay some cash for a consultant to walk me through this problem and help me understand what I don’t understand / in what way am I thinking wrong.

I can help you with the structure of your app, it seems that for many of the questions that you have you can use some conditionals that trigger certain workflows according to the existing data for each user. I tried to check your app but I will need to know the user journey in your app :slight_smile:

Okay, please let me know what you need to know exactly.