Is there an Email Validator plugin that views disposable emails invalid?

As far as I can tell Bubbles current email validator plugin / API doesn’t account for disposable email services such as 10 minute mail. I’ve looked through a bunch of other plugins but have found nothing that directly states that they recognize throw away addresses.

Try looking for an external service that checks for that and connect with it through the API connector :blush:

Try with email validator plugin by bubble

I made a plugin as I needed to solve the same problem. To check in my database if email addresses were still valid. Including disposable emails. It isn’t an absolute authoritative answer, for an email address to be valid but it’s better than nothing.

As it is an action you can set it up as a backend API, and use it to verify lists of addresses. There is a video on the plugin page showing you how I did that.

It might help you.


Just signed up! :sunglasses:

Cool, let me know how you get on. Happy to enhance the plug-in if it’s not working nicely. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, just purchased your plugin and was looking for the video or any examples of how to use. I’m a newbie.

Sure. Plugins under the about in the Editor will have a link to a service page - like this;

Thre are woeking examples and you can see how it is put together in the Editor (links on the page above)