Best language to compliment bubble

Hey all, I posted a similar question in plug-ins but this is suppose to be coming from a more general perspective.
Of those of you who know how to code what is the best coding language one could learn in order to compliment bubble?

I don’t know code but I think JavaScript would probably be a good one to know since it is easy to implement in Bubble, especially with the Toolbox plugin. That is my thought. I wonder what else other Bubblers might recommend. I don’t build plugins yet. So I am not the best source here. Hopefully someone else will chime in for you. :blush:

Hope that helps! :blush:


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It would be difficult to answer with anything other than JavaScript. JavaScript is the only language that will execute in your user’s browser when they’re using your app, and it is what the rest of your Bubble app is built with.

So the simple answer is JavaScript


JavaScript for sure

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