Do you Develop Your Bubble App on a Chromebook?

Hey everyone…

I’m wondering how I’d cope if my nice high end laptop (Dell XPS13) let me down one day and needed a few weeks in the repair shop… and whether I’d just go out and buy a mid range Chromebook to get me through the crisis. So I’d love to hear…

Do you do Bubble development on a Chromebook?
If so, how does it cope with Bubble?

Or if not, do you develop on a sub $500 laptop of some kind?

My app is one pretty huge page with 40+ reusable elements, so takes things to the limits… so I’d be interested to hear your experiences!

Best wishes,

I have both a Dell XPS 13 and a Chromebook (Pixel Slate, the i5 8Gb ram model). I prefer using my chromebook with Bubble and indeed for most of my computing needs that don’t involve heavy graphics or some Windows only software.

It’s just more convenient and lightweight (in a good way). It handles Bubble very well and I don’t remember the last time I had a slow down or crash.

The only issue I have when using Bubble, and I think this is peculiar to the Slate, is that I sometimes work in Incognito mode (to use a second Bubble account that I have for freelance work) and when I do, I almost always get a Bubble message telling me I’m zoomed out and I need to adjust my screen resolution. It is almost impossible to resolve this error but sometimes, switching orientation and then back, zooming in and out, switching to and back from tablet mode, or a combination of all three works. It is quite irritating. I never had this on my previous Chromebook - the pixel 2015 though, so like I said, I think it is a slate issue or perhaps an issue with Chromebooks that have a tablet mode.

Thanks for your input Louis!
Pleased to hear that in general the Chromebook works so well.
I’d be interested to hear if some cheaper Chromebook models also work well…

FYI, you could probably get a high end Chromebook, such as a Pixelbook, on eBay for close to that.

Ah, I somehow missed the bit about the chromebook needing to be sub $500, sorry. I wouldn’t trust a chromebook with less than 8gb of ram to handle Bubble properly. As @sudsy says, a high-end chromebook off ebay might be a good option. I can tell you that the chromebook pixel 2015 does an excellent job and you may be able to get it for that sort of price these days, if not the Pixelbook.

Agree about the 8Gb. Although I have a Acer 14" with 4Gb and it works pretty well. I would definitely pony up for something with 8Gb (like the Acer Flip) if it was for longer term use.