How many pages can bubble apps handle?

Hey guys,

I was unsure between bubble and webflow for my next project.

I prefer bubble and would like to use it, but I don’t know if it can manage hundreds of pages.

On my last bubble app, the editor became slower after I added more than twenty pages, but maybe it was my old pc fault.

For bubble users, have you experience with apps with 200+ pages? For the bubble team, can bubble (the editor and the end-product) manage so many pages?

Thanks for your help!

My apps are using 3GB ram and 40% cpu with 10 pages.

Curious, what is using up so many resources? I’m still fairly new and developing mine, but user resources wasn’t something I figured would be a limiting factor.

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I don’t think that the number of page is really an issue. But I wonder if you really need so much pages. Yes you will have some slowdown when you will load the page selector, but For the rest, this is mostly related on how you build your pages.
But again, I’m not sure you really need so many pages. Maybe you can explain more your usecase

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Are any of these pages dynamic pages?

10 dinamic or static pages?

I would have static only pages.

Think of a directory of tools. I want each tool to have its own static page for SEO reasons.

I have about 50 pages (and will have about 100 when done), and have no problems.

It’s not the number of pages, it’s the number of elements on a particular page that becomes an issue with the editor, depending on the amount of RAM you have.


Thanks for your input.

Most of my old project’s pages had an header, a footer, a repeating group and a “search engine”.

Are repeating groups and search conditions particularly heavy for the RAM?

Yes, especially if there are a lot of records to search through

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Just curious, why are static pages better for SEO? (AFAIK, no Bubble page is truly “static” anyway.)

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I know, but I can’t code so I have to choose between bubble and webflow for this particular project.

None of is ideal, but I have to compromise.

Static pages perform better both for speed and bot’s ability to crawl them better.

Another aspect is that UX affects SEO and having a single page for each tool permits to build pages that are more tailored for the search intent and the tool’s specifics, while a dinamic page is basically the same exact page populated with different data.

I would also like to have blog posts without integrating an external CMS and that is another reason why I am asking if bubble could handle hundreds of pages. It is not the most important thing, but a nice to have for sure.

Thank you Robert!

There are no “static” Bubble pages - at least not native Bubble pages. With a paid plan, you can upload files to your site root and create a static page that way, but that’s the only way AFAIK (and of course, you’d be missing the whole point of Bubble with that approach).

It seems to me your app’s SEO would benefit much more from your URL structure and page content - perhaps using a purpose-built plug-in.

And with Bubble’s recent Cloudflare integration, speed shouldn’t be much of a concern.

I know that bubble’s pages aren’t static, but there is still a difference between a page with only text elements and a dinamic page.

With speed, I am referring to the website performance according to pagespeed insights, not the effective website performance. The difference between a dinamic and a text-only page is pretty big.

I know that bubble isn’t made for what I am trying to build, but my alternatives are webflow and wordpress and for me bubble is better than both. My only question is if it can manage so many page, considering that I had experienced a slow down with fewer in the past.

I will look into the resources you linked.