Best starter template?

I’m starting to develop mu Bubble app and I’m loving it. But I’m thinking “why create the wheel all over again” when there is already so many good templates and elements out there.

So my question: what is the best starter template? I would love a good designed and flexible template with user management, blog, and some elements for user generated content, profiles etc.

I looked av Canvas from AirDev, but it’s just way too much and I feel like it breaks with why I would use Bubble. Is there any way to import more then one template? Maybe one for admin panel and then other reusable elements?


Hi Alexander,

We recently released openBuild and openBase, basically an extensive Bubble components library (openBuild), accessible right in your editor, working together with a base starter template (openBase). It might offer you the flexibility and design level you are looking for.

It’s definitely geared toward UI building more than full app workflows at this point. But we will add reusables and components workflows very soon in the openbuild library.

Let me know if you want more info about it!


I subscribed to it the other day actually! Question: If I change the global style (adding rounding corners and shadows to boxes) will this reflect in all elements?

All the openbuild components are based on the openbase global styles, so yeah you can tweak those styles - not delete them -and it will be reflected to all imported components :wink:

Here is an example from an app with tweaked global styles :

Cool! I saw that there were some talks about a pro theme, how is that coming along?
I don’t really want to start developing and then have to leave all I did behind because I want to use the pro theme later :stuck_out_tongue:

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Makes sense! We are currently working on it, and we’ll hopefully release it in the coming weeks.
Among other things, this pro version will have navigation workflows, login/signup flows, an app admin panel as well as a bunch of reusables to accomodate various flows/features.

I can PM you once we have a packaged/shareable version, so you can give it a try, and hopefully start your app from there :wink:


Also interested to be contacted. I’ve spent a couple of min to understand the “ecosystem”, there is premium open build. Now i see pro template.
My 2 cts : could be clearer, thought I’m sure you guys are focusing on shipping , so hang in there :+1:

quick q : do I lose any features if I use open build personal plan on Bubble hobby app

Lots of good options out there these days and constantly more coming.

AirDev’s ‘Canvas’ is pretty good to get some functionality and have the option to buy add ons, but it can take a little bit to learn how it works and it’s landing page is slow to load as it is data driven.

My bias suggestions (made by myself):

A free well designed landing page template: Free Landing Page with Modern UI 🥳

A paid template with Login, Dashboard and Invoicing: Re-Launched Template: Dashboard & Invoicing 🎉

Have a look at our templates. I recommend NICAA or PMB for starters and Boilerplate SaaS for advanced users.

Hi Lucas,

Thanks for the feedback. Definitely improvements to made on our side to present the ‘ecosystem’. We are working on it :slight_smile:

" quick q : do I lose any features if I use open build personal plan on Bubble hobby app"

Not at all, we are disconnected from Bubble app plans, so openbuild will work on any Bubble apps, on hobby or paid plans.