Better Warning of Not Saving

I have been having what seems to be connections issues, a lot recently. Seems like every 20 or 30 minutes I’m forced to refresh the page to get the “Saving” to reset it self and be able to save automatically again.

Seems like a great idea would be to have some kind of automatic popup warning that would be more responsive to the issue. I know there is one already, I see it quite frequently, but it is often very late to warn, and sometimes doesn’t at all.

I’ve sometimes gone near 10 minutes making multiple changes to only look to test them and see nothing changed, look back at editor and see the red “Saving”.

I also noticed a few times a day, but more particularly the last two weeks. On the other hand, I am very happy with the new warning window, which arrives immediately and tells me the situation correctly (and quite often I haven’t lost my last changes).

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I noticed more recently this saving issue again. Wonder if it is a bug since my connection is strong.

I have also noticed some saving issues lately, this is despite my internet being up and running completely fine during the saving issues.

@neerja Is this a bug?

@J805 We are noticing it a few times recently. Our engineering team is monitoring but we do not see a bug yet.

Thanks for checking, for me I just started getting the error more the other day after the reboot.

It just happened again…

Seems like it is, if not a bug, some other weird kink in the system as I also only noticed it in the last couple of weeks. I am constantly checking my internet connection when it happens but it is not my internet connection.

I have the same issue now and then. I thought it was my own connection.

Same. Though I usually just work through it and it ends up saving eventually.

I have issues trying to work through it as spending more than five minutes on changes and not having them saved is frustrating enough, I couldn’t risk working more than that and losing all the time.

Yes. It is not saving my changes when my internet goes off and comes back. Whatever changes I have made are gone. Need to refresh the page and redo making the changes to save again.

Hi @yuvanesh

Next time, try to undo 2-3 things, and wait one or two minutes, it reconnect often. Welcome to Bubble (not when is a major update).

Yes, that is the expected behavior when the internet connection fails, however this thread is more focused on saves not occurring while the internet connection is strong and stays connected.