Blank Users All Of The Sudden?

All of the sudden our user database is blank and we’re also unable to use a search box that was working perfectly fine.

Please file a bug report at

Oh no, we have the same problem.

At first one of my users showed me this while I saw everythign correctly. But now I have the same thing. A list of users just shows two out of 5/6.

Also, a search box that searches for users is now turning up empty.

The user DTB is not empty for me but the search box that searches for users is coming up empty. Nothing has changed on our part for that.

We’re investigating @JustinC’s bug report now. Your data is still there – there’s just a bug displaying it.

I think my problem is different as it seems to be with all search boxes data. I’ll file a bug report.

This is my issue as well. certain search boxes not working.

We’re investigating the search box issue as well

It might actually be the same issue because I have a RG with all Users in my app and its all empty at the moment. The data is indeed visible in the backend.

I think there is a bigger issue here. I have a RG that filters out certain Users (based on field Role) and now it also shows empty fields. The debugger sees it as empty but there is still some data visible.

Very strange indeed

So further investigation shows me that the data is in fact there, there is just a lot of empty data as well now. So the first page of my RG is showing empty data, then next pages will show more real data and next pages show all the actual users I have in my system.

Maybe it is displaying empty Users that have been deleted before?

I’m also having a showstopper issue this morning.

Repeating group is rendering some data on initial page load, then subsequent data (which calls on the current repeating groups cell never loads).

Page crashes within seconds of loading. Issues seem to appear both on test and production.

Did a rollback to 2 days ago where everything was working smoothly, no issues.

I’m having major issues today as well. Certain actions in the app crashes the browser tab completely, and it also crashes the editor tab. I’ve tried rolling back to points where I know it was working, but it still crashes. It even crashes the Bubble Dashboard, if it’s open as well.

I also noticed 5 extra users suddenly added to the database, that I am fairly certain I did not create.

Should I submit a report on this, or is there some issue that you’re already aware of that are causing these problems?

There are issues saving elements to the page and various other issues I’m now finding as well.

Yes a bug report would be helpful here.

I’m also having the same problem. Our first indication was production users calling to complain that they could not access features that they had previously been granted access. Our Administrator User account has fell victim to this as well and as a result we’re are unable to access the admin functions that have been built into the app. Upon logging in to edit the app and view live data, half of the live User data is blanked out on the view. I’ll submit a bug report, but wanted to add here that we’re experiencing another case of the seemingly same issue.

We’re looking into this.

The blank users issue + the autocomplete not working issues we have fixes for that we are in the process of deploying.

@petter – please report the " Certain actions in the app crashes the browser tab completely" issue as a bug report

Just submitted a bug report.

Within my app, the repeating group is the element that is causing the page to crash. This repeating group is based on a Search (not of users, but a thing I created).

Curiously, it seems to be isolated to this one page. Not finding the issue in other parts of my app (yet).


Will do!

Interesting, just adding on to this post. This morning we had an app show about 150 new blank users. We just thought it was a bot or something.

Good luck on the fix!

I’ve sent in a bug report now, but I’m afraid it’s not very specific. There are a lot of issues today. I’m having problems focusing on what exactly is causing them. It seems to be related to lists and repeating groups, as workflows including lists do crash, and some repeating groups simply don’t show.

I’m also getting maxed out statistics, which may be the root cause:


Awesome, fixed for me!

Any insights into what caused this?