Blocked on a Ranked sorting

Hello Beubeuleurs (French term lol) :laughing:

I’m making a Tinder clone and I have this repeating group, were the actual profile shows up.
I’d like to sort them by their similarity according to criteria scores (like football skills/10)

And I can’t figure out how to use this ranked by tool :disappointed:
This is what (in blue) I wish to have (scores are number 1-10)

Thanks for your time Bubuleurs :slight_smile:


Still lost on this sorting and can’t move forward…
Someone have an idea ? :confused:

Just saw this now, I answered it here: Can someone help explain :ranked by?

Hope that helps! :blush:

You’re definitely a bubble god, thanks !
Seems to answer all my questions

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So glad it helped! I still have a lot to learn. Everyday I still feel like I learn something new or learn how to do something better. Keep up the good work! :blush:

That’s exactly why I’m currently addicted to Bubble :smile:

Thanks again !

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For sure! No problem! It’s very easy to get addicted to. :blush:

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