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Bookee, Private Tutoring Online Store Creating Made Easy

Bookee is not only easy for life coaches, tutors, mentors to expand their user base online.
But also helps influencers, YouTubers, and bloggers to start a new business model except for ADs and creating sponsor content.

The Pain point we’d like to solve:
In the new normal, people barely have chances to meet up with others.
It’s tough for those who run business face to face, like tutors, coaches, fortune tellers…etc.
Why not create a service for them to service customers online?
Which will also handle payment, schedule arrangement and generate meeting link for them.
That’s the reason we start up our company.

The opportunity we found:
It’s also difficult for influencers, YouTubers, and bloggers to turn their traffic into money.
Tons of traffic only drive few revenues but take so much time and effort.
Those who are experts in domains like fashion, traveling, 3C …etc,
already attract thousands of followers who are interested in the content they created.
What if a customer can book a fashion Instagram influencer’s time.
To get advice about dressing up for a party which only takes 15minutes and 20USD?

Features we created:
One-click Connect

  • Stripe for secure payment processing
  • Google calendar for easy time management
  • Zoom for high-quality online meeting

Smart Calendar

  • Set the weekly hours you’re typically available
  • bookee will auto-mapping your google calendar’s available time with your setting

Flexible Event Creator

  • Set the duration from 15 mins or more
  • Set the price from 5 USD to thousands as you like

check it out:

any feedbacks or upvote from product is appreciated!

I built this app by modifying @boston85719 's amazing template: