Boolean yes/no check from a list of Things

I’m trying to check a “completed” state that would allow users to move on to the next question in a question-by-question input form.

I have Things, called EventPages - each requires some form of input, and each has a “Completed (yes/no)” Field, and an “Index” Field. I have this menu which displays them in an RG sorted by “Index”:

I want to make the item not clickable if the previous item’s “Completed” is no, but make all the ones before clickable. This would force the user to go through the flow in a pre-ordered fashion.

I’m trying to check all of the previous iterations (previous meaning index < this thing’s index) are completed or nah.

However, I can only figure out how to check one iteration at a time, not a list. Does anyone know how to say:

“check all previous items”
“are they all yes” - this is clickable
“is one of them no” - this is locked


Create a custom state for the page that is a list, then when a task is completed add that to the list… you sound the be able to use conditional formatting to say “pages custom state list doesn’t contain no”.

Let me know if that helps.

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