New App - Ski Nomad - Plan your next ski trip

Hey guys,

Something I’ve been working on recently. An online travel platform to plan your next ski trip at the best prices. It’s aimed at the Mexican market at first.

Would love your feedback!



I didn’t try it out but it looks great!

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Site looks terrific!

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Nice site, I like the punchy orange color.
You’ve done a good job getting the repeating group responsive as it can be very tricky to fit nicely when scaling down to mobile devices :+1:

One quick thing, might be worth protecting your version-test area of the site for future deployments.

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Your site looks fantastic. Im new to Bubble, so very exciting to see it’s potential in your site.

Keep up the great work,


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Thanks for the feedback.
@luke2 Its a good idea protecting my version-test site, thanks for the tip.