Bubble API connector issue


I’ve wanted to authenticate through the Bubble API connector for the past ~3 days. I honestly don’t know where the issue could be. I am connecting to the Robinhood API for authentication.

Here is the setup of the API plugin:

Unforunately, I get a {“detail”:“Unsupported media type "" in request.”} error when Initializing the call.

What is causing me sleepless nights is the fact that I am able to authenticate without issues, with the same JSON code and API URL:

Is there anything I have to do differently in the Bubble API Plugin?

Add a header to your api call
“content-type” application/json

Thanks - when I do that, I get an error:

Status code 401

And while this would seem like the problem is with the client_id, I have confirmed mutliple times that that Id is correct and am able to connect with the exact same code via other API connectors

Try to use your own Basic Auth instead of Bubbles built-in one.

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That’s sound strange to me that you are calling an oAuth2 token endpoint with a basic auth. I think there’s an issue there.
Can you provide link to API Doc?

I think you should use Custom oAuth token but I’m not sure.

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Unfortunately there is no official documentation.
I was writing a long post explaining why I am using basic auth but you sir, are right and this solved my issue.

I am an idiot. Thank you very much

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