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Hey everyone,

Hope you’re all well. I’m releasing a free crash course on APIs on my YouTube channel. I get asked about APIs more than any other topic inside of the coaching sessions I do, so I thought I’d put this series together. The first two videos are up right now! There will likely be 6-8 videos total. Hope you find this helpful!


Nice! Great work! I gave a crash course yesterday on the same topic!! Api calls out to xano, sending lists and addresses to be saved as geopoints.

The two types of parameters :man_facepalming:



Nice Vid , I’ll submit this to so I can find it later :slight_smile:
I like that deck of cards api as it’s easy to work with and well documented… I actually wrote up an article about using it a while back.



Awesome, thanks @marty.lindsay. Nice article :slight_smile:

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Just released the next video in the series here!

Bumping this to say that Part 4 is now live! Starting to move into Authentication. New videos for this coming next week

I think every bubble beginners :bookmark: should subscribe to this channel :+1:


hi jared. Is your course is on Youtube??

Haha thanks dude!

@jacobgershkovich Thanks a lot :pray:
Bookmarked :bookmark:

I beg you to make some Web hooks or Stripe integration next :+1:

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I’ll keep that in mind for future topics!

fyi @mdburhan3 I have an article about Stripe integration here

it is a year and a half old, so Stripe may have moved on since then, but the principles should still be accurate.

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I will try this…
Thanks a lot :+1:

Next video is live! In this one we connect to GPT-3 and the OpenAI API. We also learn how to send data in the body of a POST request!


Next video in this series is live now! OAuth 2.0 Explained. This was a tough one haha. Hope you find this useful