Bubble App Increasing in size without doing anything

I made a copy of my main app last week as a backup.
Today I haven’t logged into that copy at all yet in the last hour I’ve had a notification email that it’s used 84% of its available things and then, 58 minutes later, another email saying it’s used 86% of that amount. How can it be increasing in size without anything happening to it? Nobody else uses my bubble account and nobody else has access to any of my apps so this is a little concerning because the only times I’ve seen file sizes increase without user input has been when they’ve corrupted.
Can anyone shed any light on this?

Strange even i used to get these emails from bubble when my app is not even touched since 2-3 months & nobody has its access.

Don’t know what’s happening or it’s a marketing strategy to push you on paid plan.

let’s wait for others answers

Those messages are to do with database storage (nothing to do with files or file size)…

I wonder if they include temporary users in the database limits?.. if they do then that might explain it… but I’m not sure…

Alternatively, do you have any workflows (on page or backend) that are creating things in the DB?

No. Nothing running on the back end. And these are the only messages I’ve had since I created it. Very odd. Haven’t had any more either but it’s not quite been an hour since the last one. Good to know it’s not file size though. Thanks for that confirmation.