Zappier Api issue No Action Available (Trigger only)

Hello, im creating a project that user makes payment on external website that is in zapier list.

So my plan is this: User makes payment on external website -> Zapier register this event and send to my bubble page payment confirmation -> My bubble page recieves confirmation from zapier and then sends a mail to that user.

The problem is i added bubble zappier plugin and all but when im in the action step when i search for the “plugin” zapier that uses the external website appears this: No Action Available (Trigger only)

And same if i create a zap with the external website plugin and i search for bubble action appears same: No Action Available (Trigger only)

What i can do?


Ok, so you can let zapier call a bubble API which then fires an Endpoint action to email the user. Or you can attach a parameter when you send your users to bubble and when the page is loaded fire an email. I would suggest however you stick with the first option

I think the action is still in Beta ?

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