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Zapier Action App

Do you foresee Bubble becoming an action app on Zapier at some point in addition to a being a trigger app?


You can use Webhooks By Zapier to trigger a Bubble API workflow. So you can then do pretty much any “action” you like. What action were you thinking of ?

Hi Nigel-

Didn’t have anything specific, was just hopeful Bubble could be both an action and a trigger within Zapier.


So yes, because we have API workflows Zapier can trigger Bubble actions.

Yes, but they aren’t fully contained within Zapier… .For example, Zoho CRM can act as a trigger, an action or perform a search, Bubble is trigger only.

Well no, they aren’t. Because everything Bubble app would need a different action in that case. Actions are specific to each app, not bubble as a whole.

So we can implement actions in zapier using the API POST Workflow and a Search using GET.

It will do the same thing, but is just generic.

I see where you are coming from. I think they should/could at least do a create or edit record action and have it fetch the types/fields. This is a minor, minor gripe in an otherwise amazing product.