Bubble can simply delete your app or subscription

Guys, they are not interested in changing their process. No more flooding this thread with the same questions.

It’s now on us as developers/customers to recalibrate our trust with Bubble as a platform.

Unlike 8 years ago, there is a plethora of healthy competition in the no-code space. Take some time to learn other tools so you don’t live or die by Bubble’s feature set and decision making.


True, but we can try to help them to make the platform better. The thing they do not seem to get is that we now we need to tell to our customers that Bubble can suddenly block their app when content is found that might violate Bubble’s terms.

@dariusz.jurasik is planning to build his companies ERP on Bubble. What do you think the implications are when his app is suddenly blocked because a disgruntled ex employee starts to creates bad content.

A lot of people have suggested to not immidiately block an app but to give a warning first. This is definitely something people are willing to accept.


We did not understand each other. We have already built an ERP that handles sales, products, production, working time records, payments, HR, and many others. We are currently finishing the last block responsible for the warehouse. I would also like to mention that currently over 600 people work on it every day, and when we make information terminals available to shopping customers, this number will increase to about 50,000 per month.

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We did understand each other but you did not disclose this information before sir :wink:. That is quite impressive and a good showcase of what Bubble can do.

However I would definitely ask Bubble about them checking your content and potentially blocking your app when ‘risky’ content is found.

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Why? Seriously, why are you guys treating the community with such contempt? Just like @laura.oppenheimer 's response, this was another vague & extremely cold response.

The questions being asked in this thread literally affect people’s’ livelihoods.

And if that’s not important to you, these quations literally affect your bottom line as a platform.

“Jayvee from the community team”

Do they know what community means???


I think you should take it down a notch. It’s obvious that the team already knows everyones (in this thread) sentiment on this. Also this thread has swerved into paranoid conspiracies.

It’s been officially stated twice that they will not be sharing more. The Bubble team aren’t acting out of contempt, they are responding within the constraints of the advise of their legal and comms teams. I work in comms and I hate it when a staff member goes off script regarding important issues.

As mentioned before by others there are 2 sides to this. The OP and Bubble’s. We don’t even have the full picture from either one. As much as it does frustrate me that they are not rebuking that they don’t auto block apps, I would rather not have Bubble end up in legal troubles because of a bunch of bad actors and on another point, them blocking apps isn’t a regular occurrence.


I think standard customers and enterprise customer’s information/cyber security teams will be asking the same questions of bubble.

Calling people asking legitimate “information security” questions paranoid is not a very customer centric approach. I would be concerned with a developer taking this approach.

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2 of my apps are running under government grants and I assure you I understand the scrutiny of cyber security teams.

Here’s my two cents. As a developer who has decided to build, deploy and scale with Bubble, I understand the risks that come with it. There will always be caveats, additional unknown quantities and security risks to using any middleware. Most recently we were all reminded that even JS libraries come with great inherent risks.

To me, this is the price of the luxury of speed (time), low costs and ease of use. Fortunately for me Bubble allows me to integrate external solutions to cater to me and my clients’ needs. If my client requires greater security, I can store it wherever they prefer, I can even encrypt data client side and I will never be able to know the contents of that data.

As Bubble devs we too have to make some negative assumptions about Bubble before building an app. What if there is a data leak? What if Bubble goes down again? How can I handle capacity without blowing up my WU during spikes?

If anyone is pitching Bubble to clients as a one size fits all solution with no caveats, then the problem is with that developer, not Bubble.

Personally, I believe that Bubble has been very fair to its customers considering the scope of what devs can do with Bubble.

That said, I too agree that we MUST demand that Bubble do better, but let’s have realistic expectations. The Bubble team too have their own priorities and protocol. They have to make decisions on a greater scale. They too have to report to stakeholders. I hate being dictated about how I do things, I would expect others to not like it when I dictate too.


the older bubble gets the more reasons they give us to change the platform.

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For the many folks with persistent concerns regarding the matters that arose within this thread, I have started a separate thread on behalf of myself that you are welcome to track along with and/or contribute to, which can be found here.

Since Bubble has explicitly said they will not reply further in this “Solved” :roll_eyes: thread, the only reasonable place to (possibly? hopefully?) expect further replies is in a new “Unsolved” thread.


there’s been an exodus of users from this community due to a complete lack of transparency along with extremely unpopular policies. Continuing to smile while getting screwed is asinine.

If the full team knows about this, why haven’t we gotten a more proper official response? Every single reply here has been lawyer speak.

Paranoid Conspiracies? Did you read the initial replies in this thread? It went from concern, to paranoia after the head of trust and safety gave a cold nothingburger of an answer.

The same legal team that said, “this summary is not our policy, don’t use it in light of the policy.” to which the head of trust and safety still winds up using the ai generated policy summary that includes, “don’t do anything your mom wouldn’t like”

This shows me that you along with the comms team have no idea how to do actual comms. You can address a community regarding important issues while still maintaining courtesy and professionalism. Be flipping fr dawg. If you read the responses in this thread, you would see that the people who invested time, money, and resources into this platform are gravely concerned with their future here.

calling those fears “paranoid conspiracies” is insane to me, especially when the fears have not been addressed at all.

We only need Bubble to chime in. They don’t even need to get into specifics about OP’s situation. Just clear up the questions & concerns. We don’t even know if there’s a bad words list that leads to our apps getting deleted // “blocked”

this is a lazy argument. you can be transparent with the community without inviting “bad actors”. consider re-evaluating your communication skills buddy.


Oof personal attack. That’s dirty but sure, whatever makes you feel like you win internet points. I’ve read your posts, I’ve seen the engagment patterns and I know where this will go. I can mock you but I don’t want to continue this drivel. Again I say, take it down a notch.

Have you actually read the recent posts? It’s going places for sure, just not where it needs to be. The “people who invested time, money and resources” you talk about includes me too.

If you’re unable to take a neutral stance while being critical, then no one, especially me, is going to take you seriously. This isn’t Reddit. So I’m not gonna respond to you or to this thread again because it’s become unproductive.




Its wild to me that they came back into the thread without following up on this point. Wilder still to literally promise to not elaborate in the future


Now THAT’s a comment!

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Lets not go this route. We need to unite on this part. You have rated personal opionions of others on this matter as well and thats fine. At least it makes clear where you are in the discussion, just like others. It is the starting point of finding common ground if possible.

I hope we all, as Bubble users, can at least unite and agree that thus far Bubble has not given any answers to the most pressing questions raised in this post.

up untill now all kinds of Bubble personel with fancy job names have told us in lots of words that they basically will not tell anything.

In the end, the users and the business they build on Bubble at the moment, is the only reason that Bubble still exist. Most users taking the time, just like me, to respond in this post need a proper respons in order to keep trusting their current business with Bubble.

But I agree, if Bubble does not want to answer, we all have our answers right there. For some like you it is not a big deal, for others it is and everyone can take a direction that fits their need.


That’s pretty impressive tbh. All that experience in communication just to immediately shut-down as soon as someone disagrees with your rhetoric.