Bubble certificate How to prove your skills

Hi, thank you for creating such an inspiring site. I have a question. Maybe it is not quite new. The question is How can I prove my knowledge about Bubble and get something that identifies that I currently can create and sell sites based on Bubble?

Present your portfolio as your certificate. :sweat_smile:


We’re currently working on it with Certifio (certifio.io)
We’ll keep you up-to-date on the forum ! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I would agree with @rpetribu and say a portfolio or just contributing your knowledge on the Bubble Forum.

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Agree with @rpetribu that building your own portfolio. Start to modify some plugins, get familiar with Bubble, and try to create plugins that you think may attract other users to use. Getting more experience, other users will get to know you are working out to make a thing real and this is one of the ways to prove yourself.

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