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Hey everyone!

I’m so happy and proud to announce a new service I’ll be offering starting today - a FREE email newsletter (sent out weekly). It will offer tips and tutorials for all experience levels. The content is meant to help users understand concepts and offer efficient approaches to building on Bubble.

This is part of an overall initiative I’ve started as a new certified partner called Coaching Bubble. In addition to the newsletter, I’m offering private coaching and will soon have premium content available for more in-depth resources.

If you subscribe to the free newsletter before Oct. 15th, I’ll also send you a 20% discount for a coaching session!

Check it all out at



PS - I know there are a handful of learning resources out there from other users, and I’ve benefited greatly from them myself. My goal is to complement this collection (not override) for the benefit of the community! If any of you are interested in guest-writing, I have a list of interested users that I’d love to keep building :slight_smile:


Hey Gaby,

Awesome! I totally just subbed. You’ve been so helpful and forthright with practical solutions to our specific problems so far, I can’t wait for more!

Also, your landing page looks great!

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Subscribed and hope for nice tips and tricks :slight_smile:

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@skylershelton @artemzheg Thank you for your support!

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.Just got done with a session with Gaby and I must say that she’s an amazing teacher. If you need help, please seek her out.

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I just subscribed to the newsletter. :slight_smile:

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Just got the first Newsletter!

Follow These 5 Best Practices To Build Faster & Smarter

Wow! Excellent info. Essential conventions,
Every beginner should sign up for this newsletter!
Over here:

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Just signed up and can not wait to get reading and learning :slight_smile:
Thank You Gaby

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Thank you, @Townsend and @proust007!

I’ve had a great response to Coaching Bubble’s launch this week. Really enjoying talking to more users.

Heads up to current and potential subscribers: I will make an archive available starting with the next issue so no one misses a beat!


will you be doing tips on responsive pages?

Subscribed. Nice work.

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Yes, absolutely I will.

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Sounds great. Just subscribed.

In old school programming one of the most important things is giving your variables understandable names. So, here in Bubble, anytime you create a new page element, it’s important to click on the Title of the window and give it a unique name. I knew enough to do that. BUT only after using @romanmg’s Tip #1 was I able to really start to make progress.

Seems that page Elements and Things all have Types, and since they are all listed together on these Bubble drop down selectors, it’s hard to keep track of which Type goes where.

So I took Gaby’s advice, (Tip #1) and suddenly Things started making sense.

PS: That was just the first of 5 Tips in the most recent newsletter. Definitely worth getting for all noobs.


Thanks so much @Townsend!

Issue #2: Database Essentials is out now!

To subscribers who just received #2: It looks like I’m still a noob with Mailchimp and created a far too wide campaign (literally the content isn’t displaying properly in mail clients). I sincerely apologize for this and will be more mindful going forward. You can go to the archive from the email to view it in your browser.



I have a question that came up in the newest newsletter. Let’s say we’ve linked fields together. How to we access that data later?

Thanks for subscribing! In what way specifically would you like to access data? There are lots of ways to access, and it all depends on your goals. For example, you can use text elements to display dynamic text., you can use repeating groups to display a list of things from your database, etc. If you check out the visual elements that you can add to your page, you’ll find that there are a number of ways to work with your data.

But let me know specifically what you’re wanting to achieve, and I’ll help you out.

OK, I have two data types:


Company has information like the website, address, name, etc.

I want to be able to assign a user to that company, where they can post jobs. I want to put an “Post a Job” link in their dashboard. I want to the company name to automatically populate, and be able to bring it up later, so like maybe a repeating group that lists all jobs posted by that company.

Just PM-ed you about walking through everything more thoroughly.

Essentially you’ll need to have a user field (type user) and postings field (a list, type Posting) in your Company type to assign a user and link postings.

The page to display can be set to type Company and then everything on the page can pull from the page’s data source. The data could be Current User’s company, which would require the user type to have a company field that is type Company to make that link.

Newsletter #3 is out now! Bulk editing with API Workflows.