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[Feasibility] Bubble Performance & costing for Data Dashboards

Hi all,

I am trying to build an MVP but before i even start just wanted to know your opinion on the feasibility of using Bubble for data oriented apps.

Attached is one of the dashboards which shows the essence of the app.

  1. Corp Dashboard to see sales data. Each elements/groups in the dashboard will have it visibility/privacy setting sbased on user/usergroup permissions
  2. Branch level mobile apps which has similar dashboards

It’s a data visualization heavy apps.

What i’d like to know is:

  1. How does Bubble perform for such data heavy charts with lots of filters (various level of details filters)
  2. Will such an app blow up the cost requiring me to add/upgrade plans? [Most of the data is textual and hence may not consume that much storage but heavy bandwidth]
  3. Since Airtable plugin is available as core feature, is it better if i use Airtable to store all data, use its calculated fields and then import only the calculated data in Bubble dashboards. I don’t like Airtable readymade charts/blocks and would rather use amCharts for aesthetics purpose… will there be any performance degradation?

Looking forward to your opinions… any help would be of great help before i even embark on the journey

Just a mockup

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I’ve been trying to get advice on this for months.

I can tell you that in bubble a lot of calculations on top of filtered data are slow and most decent charting options are paid plugins.

Data Visualization Ideas

Thanks rmorgan for the headsup. I just saw your thread and we have a lot in common.

From the lack of response, i can only assume calculations and data filters are not really friendly in Bubble. Sigh… i read that bubble is better choice for dashboard oriented apps than other no-code tools. :frowning:

Let’s keep in touch on the progress… i will chime in on your thread as i was also thinking about using Tableau dashboards to be embedded

Avoid doing a search as much as possible. You can perform a search once the page is loaded and then use that Data to target the current page’s data.

Hi @Codeables

Thanks for the input. The idea will be more like an SPA with various data components like charts in it which will have a lot of filter options.

When you say page load:

  1. are you referring to opening URLs for different tabs
  2. or are you saying once the single page loads, it sorts of caches all data and calculated fields so it won’t degrade the performance, even if there are many charts and filters?

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