Bubble Doesn't Recognize Email

So I have a strange situation… I’ve been trying to login to an app that I created on Bubble and haven’t been able to do it. I hit login and nothing happens. So I tried logging into Bubble itself to see that’s going on. It shows that my email address isn’t valid. I tried contacting Bubble through their site, but they won’t allow me to do so because the email address isn’t valid. Any ideas how I’m supposed to fix this issue? I have no idea how this happened.

The only way I got back into the forum is by clicking a link through one of the old forum emails I received and it logged me in here. So somehow it still has it still recognizes me. And my app is still visible on the domain. It’s so strange.

try using all lowercase in your email. Seems like a new bug where email’s with capitals are not regocnized

That’s so silly, but that was the solution. Thank you so much!