Bubble forum being flagged as phishing site by Avast Web Shield

Getting nonstop alerts about bubble pages such as this forum being blocked as Phishing website.

Seems like this happens a lot. Why does this continue to happen?


Hi @eve , @josh24

Again bubble website was blocked by Avast today.

Same - avast user - Submitted a false true statement to avast… waiting to see … no problem accessing via a different device with no avast installed.
White listing the URL in avast exceptions allows the browser to load but it is a side fix and gives zero confidence to the security of the bubble platform.

Hi all,

Submit a bug report! Also pinging @Bubble for visibility.

Same. In Avast Menu > Settings > Exceptions and add the url of your app, at least it will stop it from getting blocked on your device. This is the 2nd time in the past few weeks, could do with sorting this.

@gazinhio your fix works perfectly. Thanks for sharing as I can now continue with Avast turned on and still access the site.

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Same with AVG antivirus. As of today, all bubble websites are blocked because of URL:phising.
Yesterday no problem at all, but as of this morning, it took me a while to find out why I couln’t access Bubble.

Hope this helps but these are the exceptions I added that allow me to carry on working on Bubble in the meantime. In the dash, click settings>exceptions:


Seriously?! All Bubble websites, even on production!???

Hi everyone, thank you for letting us know about this.
We noticed that for a few hours this morning, Avast and AVG, two popular anti-viruses which belong to the same company and share the same virus database, were flagging all bubble apps that were on a *.bubbleapps.io url.

We are currently monitoring the situation, and it seems like as of writing they have removed the block. We are still waiting on a confirmation and clarification on their end, and we will let you know if this develops.

Just to be clear this did not affect apps on custom domains.

We wanted to thank everyone who also helped speed up the process by submitting a false positive report to them, because even if we did that on our end, it is likely that someone in the community beat us to it today.



This still seems to be happening to me, I haven’t had access so far today as British telecom appear to have blocked bubble.io as the site ‘can’t provide a secure connection’. From Twitter it seems mostly UK based individuals seeing it too now. Is it just a case of waiting for it to work again?

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