Bubble emails not sending to any Microsoft email addresses

FYI - all emails containing any link to Bubble’s Amazon S3 bucket (e.g. https://s3.amazonaws.com/appforest_uf/f19823489242344322300/xxxx.pdf) or the new CDN URL (e.g. https://474e41dc031231be2ce43a9233d746c.cdn.bubble.io/xxxx/avatar.jpeg) are currently being marked as spam by Microsoft Outlook and quarantined by Microsoft Business addresses.

We’ve had a big headaches trying to fix this for our clients and currently the only solution is to remove any images/links to files hosted on Bubble in your emails if you’d like them to get through.

Would encourage everyone to check your email delivery to make sure key emails aren’t been missed. More on this thread here @Nicolas Carroll

@nickc Would appreciate if you could investigate this, as it’s rendered all dynamic images / files hosted on Bubble to be un-useable for any Microsoft emails, and it looks like your new CDN solution doesn’t fix it.

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I’ve starting having this issue as well, but my emails don’t have images in them. They do have embedded links, but that’s it. I’ve in the last 2-3 days started getting reports from our customers that they aren’t receiving emails, and they all happen to be on Outlook.

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Hi @messly
I had the same issue
Perhaps the discussion in this chat will give you the brief idea :slightly_smiling_face:


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