Bubble for apps and storing app data?

I did a search before posting this but did not find the exact info i need. I am new to all of this so PLEASE be kind - i dont mean to sound stupid LOL

I am building an app that technicians in a specific industry will use to create intake forms for product they recieve in from a client and then save that form in PDF and send to the client and save for themselves ect… i also want them to be able to return and search thier data. Now i plan to sell this app on the app markets. I will be using Dropsource to do that part because i know its in Beta with Bubble BUT 1 question - how and where is data stored for the users? is that something i need to worry about or does the bubble membership cover that even if i launch the app using the Dropsource code for it?? Im very confused about the data saving part and how people will have their data protected and how they can search/report on it later and return to it and how if i have 100+ downloaded apps how would that data not be shared to different users for the life of the app? thanks for the time! any help would be very appreciated!

You would use Bubble for data storage and you’ll need to setup API connections to bring in the data in Dropsource. There is more information about the complexity of this on the dropsource forums:

But why not build it out in bubble first and use it as a mobile first web app? Its way easier, quicker and better to manage. You could then as a first step wrap the app in a webview so you have a native app. At some point when you’ve killed all the bugs, you could move to dropsource or another native app builder…


How would I sell a web app? and would people still be able to save pdf to their devices and return to data and send messages to clients? we are mobile techs so we use our devices to do all our documents - thanks for all your response

There are numerous ways… Like implementing a payment system and setting up rules for certain users.

How are you using bubble? Same principle…

Yes you can generate and save pdfs regardless of the type of app you build. There is a lot of info about this on the forum.