Simple Mailto link opens a new tab and not the email client

Anyone have any idea why a simple mailto link will not open the email client but opens a new blank tab in the browser instead?

Even more confusingly, if I attempt to open it in Safari, it redirects to Brave browser and opens a new blank tab.

It won’t open the email client even if I have html and plugins turned off for preview.

Happens with any app so I’m baffled.

Hey there @cowontherun,

I’m pretty sure this is a client issue. If you have your emails settings on your machine setup so that emails automatically open up a specific app then it’ll do it. At least that’s the case with windows. Otherwise, it’ll open up in a browser as you described above.

Doh - yep, this was the case. I have no idea how Brave became my default mail client.


No problem!