Forum Academy Marketplace Showcase Pricing Features home page showing white screen

Hello team,

Having trouble viewing my application and dashboard this morning. I am shown a white screen and am unable to access my application (it’s also not showing a white screen when viewing the live version or version test without the debugger).


Hey Andy, I am having the sane issue, but only where I open my app and the bubble site in Colombia, where are you located? Whe I open it in USA all is good. This is happening since today morning

I’m in NC. Looks like the page is loading now but formatting is acting up. I’m sure it will be back to normal in a little bit :slight_smile:

Hi @caeroa and @andy1,
I’m also in NC, and have been experiencing same issue. If you’re using the Zapier plugin and the “Trigger a Zap” action in a workflow, try deleting that action. Not ideal, but it fixed this problem for me yesterday.

It seems when the Zapier action is enabled, a script gets inserted into the head element to enable Bubble to receive inputs from your Zap. Problem is, the script has its cross-origin header set to “anonymous”, and most browsers prevent content from loading w/o an Access-Control-Allow-Origin header defined. You can tell if this is your issue by opening the Chrome dev console when loading the page. Look for an error like the screenshot attached.

This also explains why you may be able to load the site on your phone, which uses a mobile browser, but not in Chrome/Firefox/Safari on a laptop/desktop.

May not be necessary! Looks like things are back up and running for me.

Thank you all. Everything is normal now, but still I believe it was really strange.
@djwideman thank you. But I believe thatis not the issue here. My zap is working fine.