Bubble isn't making changes to the right field from webhook

Hi there,

I’m trying to finish setting up stripe integration. Everything else is updating properly and there are no other issues that I have noticed.

Onto the issue. I have it set up so that when a user changes the number of seats they are paying for stripe should send a webhook to bubble which it does. However, when I ask bubble to make changes to the subscription it isn’t doing so and is instead updating a field I haven’t even created.

The correct field to update is just called “seats” not “seat2”. I have no idea where Bubble is even getting this field from as I haven’t created it.

Here is the the workflow for the webhook to make changes:

If it is any help here is also the way the subscription is structured in the database:

Let me know if you guys have any ideas on how to fix this. Thank you!

So.etimes bubble uses a cache for a field name. Was seats field ever labelled seats2 at some point? Did you check the actual db if the seats field is being updated?

  1. It wasn’t ever named seats2. The closest is I created then deleted another group called seats and made it again except this time as type number.

  2. It isn’t updating in the database:

It should be changed to 8 as seen above.

Well that will explains it then - the human readable names you give fields, and other things, in Bubble are not necessarily the same names that Bubble uses for those things. Once you create something in Bubble, its original name is always used by Bubble, and 2 things (for example 2 fields on the same datatype) can’t have the same name.

So if you originally created a field called Seats, then deleted it and created another field called Seats, the actual name the Bubble uses for that field will be Seats2, regardless of the name you give it.

Hi ! I have the same problem here… I asked Bubble.io but they don’t know what to answer about that…

What I ended up doing was just deleting the datatype “subscription,” remaking it and rewiring everything again that used that datatype and it worked fine after that.