Bubble mobile application native app

Hello bubble community. I’m developing a native app for road side. Ideally I’d have 5 pages including landing page . I separated those ideas into containers on one single page. Then I have2 groups inside each container 1 for citizen interface and 1 for technician interface. I have a condition on every main container, “when page load entire, this element is visable unchecked” then I have a 1.workflow to show the login page when a button is clicked. I have a 2.workflow to hide the landing container . #2 workflow works, the initial element gets hidden, but #1 workflow doesn’t display the next container.

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I’ve solved it, I just built all pages and workflows full screen, then aligned all screens to parent and the screens at moving properly . I’m just having issues with an error message

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I like your work spirit.

Today I’ve also solved some problems and also bumped into new issues. But it means I’m progressing !

I hope I can wrap mine in Feb or March. Don’t know if it is realistic.

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I think I found a way to wrap a bubble app myself with alittle footwork, but I cant get pass Github. I have an accont but Im not sure how to access or download a file from someone else’s Github. Do you know how? What issues are you having if you dont mind me asking?

Hello I don’t know much about downloading from else’s Github.

My issue this weekend is about using Dropdown (with Option Set ) within a Repeating Group. It seems the system is not listening to me and refuse to save my dropdown selected values into database…