Bubble "navigate" in Javascript


Quick question, maybe someone has an idea… is there a way to reproduce the Bubble native “navigate” behaviour in Javascript?

I’m using JS charts from https://www.anychart.com/ in my app and would like to query details based on a selection in the chart. Something like this:

The chart library has event listeners for this, with a straight forward demo: https://playground.anychart.com/VEKKIOFF/1

It works OK with
// open url
window.open(url, '_parent);

This sets the objekt uuid in the app url, but window.open makes a page refresh and i lose the selection in the chart. Works, but not great.

The Bubble navigate function seems to just sends the url data without a refresh. Is there a way to do this in JS?

Any ideas?

I don’t know how to do so in JS, but why not use the native function or send the selection in a URL parameter in the JS open url?

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