Bubble Page to PDF - ZeroCode - Issue - cannot find the element action in inspector

So I bought the Zerocode Bubble Page to PDF pluggin - the perpetual license - and I cannot find the action in the workflow element to operate the pluggin. Need help!

If you click ‘plugins’, is it sure that the plugin is also downloaded?

i think so

Hello, @usinelachine. Thanks for using our plugin. :slightly_smiling_face:

Before using a plugin, please make sure you have read the plugin documentation:

Hope it helps. :sunflower:
Zeroqode Support Team

thank you for your answer - ill try it asap

weirdly, i did read the text but i guess i overlooked that part. I went straight to the Element Action.

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hello, i have another question. How do you tell bubble to generate the pdf element after my repeating group data is fully loaded. Now it generates when page is load and my repeating group ends up empty.

And how do i email the file created afterwards, i mean automatically.

Thanks your plugin is making a huge difference i think in my app

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When condition is true (repeating group’s loading is no) generate PDF

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Thank you for your kind feedback on our plugin :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, as George said,

it is a good variant for your use case. Just make sure the page is fully loaded before triggering the converting action. And let us recommend having the converting action in a separate workflow.

Feel free to message us when you need any help with our plugins.

Regards! :sunflower:
Zeroqode Support Team


So i manage to generate the pdf from the page loading - now, what is weird is that when i put the condition - RepeatingGroup Ticket is loading is “no” - nothing happens. But when i put "…is loading is “yes”, it works.

So my question is, what would make the Repeating Group eternally loading.Would it have to do something with the “do a search for” of a large data base (more than 100K data) ? Though weirdly everything is inside. Does a repeating group search a data base from the recent data to the oldest?

Because it shows the data it needs to show

(Old Post)

so I manage to generate a pdf once - but then it stopped workin and I cant find why - here is my WF

when i tell “run next” below - nothing happens