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Hello Bubble!!! I need help with the ZeroQode PDF generator. I want my users to be able to create a printable 8.5 x 11 pdf. I am unable to figure out how to tell the pdf generator to create what I want it to create. The only options are PDF entire page which is what I don’t want or single element which I believe is the option I want, but it is unclear how to tell it that…anyone have any ideas??

The resources available on ZeroQode and the plugin page are not very helpful, so yes, I have looked there :slight_smile:

Thank you!!!


@zeroqode point you to a reference about how to turn on an element’s ID on the plugins page. You do that then simply refer to that ID in the PDF plugin. There is also a post here on the forum where I explained how I did it when it was first published and Zeroqode have provided a link to a great demo page and to their editor page. Everything you need is there.

EDIT: How to reveal Element ID better explanation is here

And here is the Zeroqode editor

And the live page

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Thank you, but its still not working, what am I doing wrong???


So if I’m reading your screens correctly, the list is not showing your element. Without diving into your app, it’s difficult to be sure but, and I don’t want to sound trivial, every time I hit that problem in bubble reload my editor page, if that doesn’t work, I close my browser and restart it. More often than not that solves the problem and the element appears. If not I’m happy to jump in and see if I can see what’s wrong. You can direct message me if you want me to look I’ll be around for another 30 minutes.

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